How to create and integrate NEW repository in ATG

Layman and simple language i will use here.

Repository = 1 property file (responsible for connecting to Data source defined in your application server)

Tools used:

  • Oracle ATG10.2
  • Oracle webllogic server
  • Oracle DB


  1. Get DB details (Schema Name, SID, Password, IP, PORT)
  2. Connect to you schema, create a table and insert some data. (Table must have a primary key)
  3. Choose JNDI name of your choice.
  4. Go to Weblogic server where your ATG commerce application will run.
  5. Create a Datasource with any name using JNDI and DB details from Step 1 and 3.
  6. Go to your development tool, i use eclipse.
  7. Create repository property file with any name you like, under any sub folder of “config”. e.g.

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