OES Introduction

OES: Oracle Entitlements Server

What it is used for?

Controls what a user can see and do on application.

How it is used?

Policies are created with set of operations allowed, users can be mapped to these policies.


It’s mainly used for fine grained authorization, which means authorization based on some complex rules.


We can be allowed to login to Office portals from 9am-6pm and denied access on any other time window.


  • Centralized location for managing all authorization. (Need not to edit business logic, if want to edit authorization)
  • Update policies without downtime, just need to redistribute.
  • Fine grained authorization.
  • Fine grained authorization capabilities such as page/portal personalization, function/module level checks, attribute based checks etc.
  • Auditing of all access decision (Accepted or Denied)


OAM and OES both can handle authorization. What else can OES offer?

  • OAM is primarily an authentication and Single Sign-On solution and offer coarse grained authorization (High level authorization based on simple rules)
  • OES is used for fine grained authorization.

Does it work with products from other vendors?

  • Yes with a variety of other type of products.

Can it be used with other programming languages/system other than Java/Java based?

  • Yes with help of Web services and RMI.