Start weblogic managed server from Eclipse on Windows.

Start output on new command prompt: Using Linked File

Here when you start weblogic managed server, a new command prompt will be open and all the output of the server will be printed on that console.

For this you need to create linked file in eclipse and connect it to startWeblogic script

1) Create bat file which can start admin/managed server and save it anywhere on system.

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J2EE framework comparison

During my engineering education i was aware of only four J2EE frameworks which were Spring, Hibernate, Struts and JSF but after joining IT industry i got to know about dozen of other frameworks, and i always wondered “How one decide which framework to use when?” as at the end we just need to deliverer one application and most of these frameworks enable us do same thing through different styles and flavors, and our project requirement may be different from previous project, so how do we decide which one will the best for which requirements?

Well according to me, its mostly depend on how much experience we have on which frameworks as we can achieve results from all other frameworks, just writing code style is gonna be a different, LOCs is gonna be different, file formats gonna be different but ultimately we will achieve requirements from any framework, these just enable us to do things in easy way, one is beneficial in one way, other is in another.

Here is a wonderful comparison by this site or you can download

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Eclipse remove/uninstall plugin

Tool info:

Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.

Version: Indigo Service Release 2
Build id: 20120216-1857


Eclipse -> Help -> About Eclipse

Installation details

Select your plug-in you need no more

Click uninstall

Restart Eclipse

Can verify by going into instillation details again, plugin should not be visible now.

Firefox Selenium IDE Installation


1: Firefox

I will suggest firefox 20.0 version as i had trouble with version 28. You may download old firefox version from here.

2: Selenium IDE

3: Selenium IDE button


Visit and download latest selenium IDE.

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