BCC Snapshot error

In the BCC Admin Console (open BCC home > Admin Console > MySiteName), you will be able to see the current state of deployments to that site.  A snapshot mismatch is easy to see – the deployment will be halted and the following error message will be displayed below:

“Cannot perform a incremental deployment on target,  Check for snapshots mismatched on agents.”
This occurs when something has interrupted the publishing process and the DeploymentTarget (on the target we’re trying to publish to) has failed to update it’s latest snapshot id.  The snapshot id allows the DeploymentTarget to know what version of content it has received which in turns means the publishing process can verify if a project has aleady been published. Each snapshot id is mapped to a target and a project in the BCC server’s database schema.

So enough background, time to follow the steps to resolve the problem!  Firstly, we need that snapshot id and ideally, the target id so we can confirm it’s the right one.  A wise man once showed me an effective cheat to get this simply and quickly.  The links to previous projects in the site admin screen we opened contain the ids of our projects.  Therefore, copy the link for the previously deployed project and search through the params until you spot the id of the project as below:


Now, open your DB and connect to the BCC schema and execute the following statement, inserting the project id at the appropriate spot:

select * from EPUB_PRJ_TG_SNSHT where PROJECT_ID = ‘<id>’;

You can now open the BCC dyn/admin page for the DeploymentServer component, located at the following path:


You should see one or more DeploymentTargets with various properties indicating their status. Below each one is an input field where you can type a snapshot id and click the “Init” button to force the snapshot.  Find the target that has a null in the snapshot field and use the form to input your snapshot id.  Assuming this works, you should now be able to return to the Production site page in the BCC Admin Console and Resume deployments.