Delete Oracle Table DML lock


WHERE NAME = Table Name;

WHERE NAME = Table Name)








ATG Override logging

We had the requirement to append Order ID for each logging statement. This is how we achieved that.

Create Component:





Path of property file should not be changed.

package atg.nucleus.logging;

import atg.commerce.order.OrderHolder;
import atg.core.util.StringUtils;
import atg.nucleus.logging.LogEvent;
import atg.nucleus.logging.LogListenerQueue;
import atg.servlet.ServletUtil;

public class CustomLogListenerQueue extends LogListenerQueue {

private boolean mCustomLogging;
private static String ORDER_PATH = “/atg/commerce/ShoppingCart”;

* @return the customLogging
public boolean isCustomLogging() {
return mCustomLogging;

* @param pCustomLogging
* the customLogging to set
public void setCustomLogging(boolean pCustomLogging) {
mCustomLogging = pCustomLogging;

/* (non-Javadoc)
* @see atg.nucleus.logging.LogListenerQueue#logEvent(atg.nucleus.logging.LogEvent)
* Following would append order id in front of all log messages
public synchronized void logEvent(LogEvent pArg0) {

if (isCustomLogging()) {
String lCustomLogMessage = “”;

if (null != pArg0 && !StringUtils.isBlank(pArg0.mMessage) && null != ServletUtil.getCurrentRequest()) {

OrderHolder lOrderHolder = (OrderHolder) ServletUtil.getCurrentRequest().resolveName(ORDER_PATH);
if (null != lOrderHolder && null != lOrderHolder.getCurrent(Boolean.FALSE)) {
lCustomLogMessage = “OrderID: ” + lOrderHolder.getCurrent().getId() + ” “;

pArg0.mMessage = lCustomLogMessage + pArg0.mMessage;





JSP pass and retrieve variables – ATG


Parent JSP:

<dsp:include page=”/common/getTaxedPrice.jsp”>
<dsp:param name=”freePrice” value=”${paymentCost}”/>


Child JSP:

Read passed value:

<dsp:getvalueof param=”freePrice” var=”freePrice”/>


Pass value to parent JSP:

Option 1 – DSP TAGS:

<dsp:getvalueof param=”intergerlVal” var=”integerValue” scope=”request” />
<dsp:getvalueof param=”decimalVal” var=”decimalValue” scope=”request”/>

Option 2 – JSTL:

<c:set var=”integerValue” scope=”request” value=”integerValue”></c:set>

<c:set var=”decimalValue” scope=”request” value=”decimalValue”></c:set>


Parent JSP:

Variables can be printed or used as:



Browser SSL issue & fix – For Weblogic only

We have found latest version of different browsers are not working with https. Please find details on this issue below.


Affected Browser:

  • > Chrome 45
  • > Firefox 40
  • > Internet explorer 11



Security protocol used for https, SSLv3 has security vulnerability, it is known as POODLE(Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) attack which can be used for Man-In-Middle attack.

Hence browser companies have stopped support for SSL 3.0 in latest versions, please read these articles for more details. Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome

In latest version of browsers we can see page like following on hitting https flow.

firefox ssl issue

chrome ssl issue




Server must use >TLS 1.0 protocol instead of SSL 3.0.

Apache server is already configured with protocol > TLS 1.0. Hence no changes are required for environment where apache is configured correctly.

For the environments where application server ports (weblogic) are expected to be used over web server ports (Apache), please do following change.


  1. Stop application server
  2. Go to weblogic domain <Domain Name>/config
  3. Take back up of config.xml
  4. Edit original config.xml
  5. Search for Server name in the file e.g. “<name>ATGCommerce</name>”
  6. Look for ssl tag under this “<ssl>”
  7. Enter following two lines under SSL tag.




8. Save file

9. Start application server


Please follow the similar sequence of tags else there can be issue. Do not worry about tags you do not have in your config file.





This fix is to be used for development environments only, for TEST and higher environments web server (APACHE) is to be used.

If this fix is required in higher environments, confirmation from product company(Oracle) is must.

Java remove line number comments


Java file has line numbers like following:





  • Paste your complete content into Notepad++
  • Ctrl+F to open find box.
  • Select “Regular expression” radio button
  • Enter this expression to search for line number with comments (.*)[1-9](.*)(/)
  • Replace you can keep blank to replace it with nothing. Which means deleting it.
  • Click “Replace All” button.






Jenkins service restart issue


If Jenkins fails to restart with error “System error 1067 has occurred.


  • Download latest Jenkins war from
  • Keep it program files folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Jenkins)
  • Start Jenkins (java -jar jenkins.war)
  • Check console, olf jobs would not be there.
  • Now stop this Jenkins instace (Cntrl +C)
  • Now start old instance through service, it should start normally and old jobs should appear at console.

Shell custom log colorizer

How to run

./ (Default tail parameter = 50)

./logScript 1000 (User defined tail parameter)





#source property file

#Getting tail parameter as argument

#Checking if passed argument is null
if [ "$TEMP_LOG_TAIL_PARAM" != '' ]; then

#Clearning old temp files
find $DIR_TEMP/ -name 'tmp*' -type f -mmin +$OLD_FILE_TIMER -delete

#Creating temp file to keep track of what is printed

#Infinite loop
while :

#File separator
 for item in $TEMP

#Checking if current line is already printed
 if ! grep -qF "$item" $TEMP_FILE ; then
 #Appending colors in front of various key parameters
 echo $item | perl -pe 's/.*info.*/\e[1;32m$&\e[0m/g;s/.*debug.*/\e[1;33m$&\e[0m/g;s/.*\*\*\*\*\ Error.*/\e[1;31m$&\e[0m/g;s/.*Warning.*/\e[1;36m$&\e[0m/g;s/.*HTTP request.*/\e[1;35m$&\e[0m/g;s/.*<?xml.*/\e[1;35m$&\e[0m/g'


#Redirect currently read tail content to a temp file
 echo $TEMP > $TEMP_FILE
 sleep 1

Jenkins GUI tasks


  • Jenkins
  • Windows


If your script invokes some GUI on windows and Jenkins is installed as window service, it would not have access to desktop tools.


Open windows service manager

  • Windows+R -> services.msc

Look for Jenkins services

  • Right click on service, open properties

Open “Log on” tab.

Check “Allow service to interact with desktop.”

Restart service.

Now when your script will invoke, GUI, it should go fine.

Android project ideas

Anti Theft System
Automated Ballot Vote
Automation Of Analysis And Development Management
Autonomous Deployment Of Heterogeneous Mobile Sensors
Bandwidth Recycling
Barcode Generation
Basic English Teacher
Call Blocker
Call Listener
Call Recoreder
Card Management System
Chat Client
Citizen Card System
Company Information Tracking System
Company Security Reporting System
Continuous Monitoring Of Distance Based Range Queries
Contract Labor Management System
Control Theoretic Approach to Distributed Optimal Configuration of 802.11 WLANs
Cooperative Clustering Protocol For Energy Saving Of Mobile Devices
Credit Card Management System
Crosslayer Optimization For Multimedia Transport Over Multicode CDMA Networks

Data Delivery Properties of Human Contact Networks
Data Leakage Detection
Design and Performance Analysis of Mobility Management
Digital Encryption System
Display Location when calling
Distributed Transaction Proxy
District Collector
Doctor Online
Document Scanner
Dynamic Conflict Free Transmission Scheduling for Sensor Network Queries
Dynamic Time Slot Partitioning For Multimedia Transmission In Two Hop Cellular Networks
E Cops
E Tutor Online Jobs
Earth Quake Monitor
Ecrime <a href=””>File Management System</a>
Effective Audio Video Transfer Using Real Time Protocol
Effective Scheduling In Infrastructure Based Cognitive Radio Networks
Effectiveness of Monitoring for Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Efficient Location Training Protocols for Heterogeneous Sensor and Actor Networks
Email Client
Emergency Call
Ensuring Data Storage Security in <a href=””>Cloud Computing</a>
Enterprise Fleet Management System
Enterprise Hazard Management
ERP System
Exam Suite
Extended XML Tree Pattern Matching
Ezee Mail System
Facebook client
Fast Detection Of Mobile Replica Node Attacks
Fault Tolerant Token Based Atomic Broadcast Algorithm
<a href=””>File</a> Manager
File Security System
Friend Mapper on Mobiles
Global Tracker
Group Alarm system
Group Calendar
Group Chat

Handset Theft Monitoring
Health Monitor
Heart beat monitor
Image Compression and De compression
Image Processing Editor
Implementation and Validating Environmental and Health
Improving Utilization Of <a href=””>Infrastructure Clouds</a>
Inter Bank Fund Transfer in Distributed Network
Intranet Chatting
Intranet Mailing System
Intrusion Detection System
IRC Chat Client
Issue Tracker
IT Project and Process Management
Lending Tree
Live Wall Paper
Load Shedding In Mobile Systems With Mobiqual
Location Based Reminder on Mobiles
Marine Operations And Management System
Medical Image Compression
Meet Friends
Micro Banking
Mindtech Bug And Component Systems
Minimum Bandwidth Reservations For Periodic Streams In Wireless Real Time Systems
Mobi Thesaurus
Mobi Travel Guide
Mobile Banking System
Mobile Electronic Program Guide
Mobile Gadgeteer
Mobile i Broker
Mobile internet banking
Mobile Invoice
Mobile Location Alarm
Mobile Phone Tracking
Mobile Sampling of Sensor Field Data
Mobile Video Archive
Mobility Management Approaches for Mobile IP Networks
Mobility Management Schemes Based On Pointer Forwarding For Wireless Mesh Networks
Modeling and Detection of Camouflaging Worm
Multi Lingual Website
Multi User Chat System
MultiAuctioneer Progressive Auction For Dynamic Spectrum Access
Multihoming Route Control
Multiple Routing Configurations for Fast IP Network Recovery
My Jewellery

Natural Image Segmentation Based On Tree Equipartition
Navigation Help
Noise Reduction By Fuzzy Image Filtering
Blocking Misbehaving Users in Anonymizing Networks
Offline Broser
On Line Help Desk
Online Crime <a href=””>file</a> Management
Online Real Estate Property Management
Online Recruitment System
Online Rental House Web Portal
Online TV system
Online University
Optimal Channel Access Management with QoS Support for Cognitive Vehicular Networks
Optimal Jamming Attacks and Network Defense Policies in Wireless Sensor Network
PDF Reader
Peer To Peer
Personal Authentication Based On Iris Recognition
Personal Finance
Photo sharing
Play the the selected station
Prepaid Recharging System on Banking
Product Management System
Product Wiki
Project Metrics
Publishing Search Logs

Questionnaire Game
Radiation Reducer
Ranking Spatial Data by Quality Preferences
Real Time Detection Of Clone Attacks
Remote Administration using Mobile
Remote PC Administration Using J2ME
Resilient Online Coverage For Surveillance Applications
Ride Sharing
RITAS: Services For Randomized Intrusion Tolerance
RSS Feed Reader
Save station in the list
Script Identification Through Temporal Sequence Of The Strokes
Search stations of interest based on different keywords
Secret Key Establishment Using Temporally and Spatially Correlated Wireless Channel Coefficients
Secure Data Transmission
Select list of music station
Ship Store System
Smart Leap
Smart Polling
Smart Tendering
SMS Based Mobile Banking with Security
Snake Game
SodoKo Game
Stateless FSA based Packet Filters
Speaking Dictionary
Speech Control
Speed Tracker
Staying Connected in a Mobile Healthcare System
Stealthy Attacks In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Steganography In Audio <a href=””>Files</a>
Stop Watch
Swich connection dynamically
Tanrox Work Force
Text Encryption And Decryption
Tool to announce arrival
TV Remote from Android Mobile
Twitter Client For Android Based Smart Phone

VAS for Hand Held Device
Virtual Office Management
Virtual Router Using Destination Sequenced Distance Vector
Voyage Management
Weather Monitor
Web Blossom Bazzar
Web browser
Web Enabled Automated Manufacturing System
Wireless Health Care System


3- Ringtone Creator.
This project is about developing Ringtones creator app for Wp7 and Android. This app lets you fill in a text field and submit it to a web service . The text is used to generate a text to speech ringtone.


1- Data hiding in images (Steganography).
Steganography  is by practice of hiding private or sensitive  file within an image life.


The project has two methods.

  • Encryption
  • Decryption

It is a desktop application in which user can hide text  files within an image. Upon request image can be decrypted and the text file can be viewed.

Arooj Arshad (08-SE-78)


1- Shortest path computation algorithm
In it the student will develop and implement the Algorithm to compute the shortest Path based on GEO Information of source and destination and will guide through all the way